A New Standard for Cloud Monitoring
Comprised of EasyAccess 2.0 remote access service and the new cloud-based Dashboard service, Weincloud allows synchronization
and visualization of field data in the cloud to help managers gain insight of their operations anytime, anywhere.
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Anyone seeking a cloud solution,
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Simple and Easy

Data to cloud
After a few simple settings on the Weincloud website and
in EasyBuilder Pro, HMI data is ready to be sent to the cloud.

Dashboard customization
Create your own Dashboard with the intuitive drag and drop editor,
choosing from a variety of widgets.

Monitoring with a browser
Monitor onsite device status from anywhere in the world simply
by opening a browser on your PC.

Dashboard at a Glance
Real-time Data
Real-time data on the dashboard helps managers obtain status overview quickly.
Data Visualization
Data from different devices can be displayed on the same dashboard.
Historical Data
Historical data provides further insight into production, which aids in decision making.

Security and Safety

Data Encryption
SSL/TLS encryption ensures the safety of data transmission, whether it is for web access or inter-device communication.

Data Retention
Data retention feature ensures data completeness in
the event of network connection issue.

Passed Third-Party Security Certification
Weincloud passed all the rigorous tests and thus was awarded security certification.

Everything under Control

EasyAccess 2.0 gets connected and obtains insight within 5 minutes with the cross-platform remote access service that does not require any complicated firewall or router setup.
Monitoring to maintenance: all taken care of!
Program Updates
Alarm Notifications
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