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cMT Series

Exclusive HMI Architecture
Flexible Multi-User Experience

Communication and Data Processing

The cMT-SVR not only communicates with more than 300 devices (e.g. PLCs, Inverters, Motion Controllers, etc.) and executes macro commands, but it can also handle data processing in order to reduce communication loads for other devices.
Easy Installation
Compact Design
DIN-rail Mountable
Centralized Data Processing
Improved Efficiency
Powerful Connectivity
300+ PLC Drivers Support
Communication with most controllers

Local or Remote Access from Anywhere

The cMT-SVR makes it possible to monitor onsite devices on any device that runs the cMT Viewer app (e.g. phone, tablet, or computer), allowing one to walk around freely even while monitoring.

Safe and Secure Multi-party Collaboration

As cMT Viewer allows multi-user connections, concurrent operation is safeguarded by the exclusive control token scheme that is designed to avoid conflicting operations.