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To meet the market demands for compact cMT X series HMIs, Weintek now introduces cMT2058XH, the first 4.3” model in the cMT X series. This HMI, having undergone significant upgrades, can deliver exceptional user experience with its top-notch specifications which include high-performance quad-core processor, 4GB Flash, 1GB memory, 800x480 high-resolution screen (WVA, all-around), and excellent communication capabilities.

With lightweight and slim design, cMT2058XH is an easy install in all types of environments. However, despite its compact form, it still boasts an impressive range of connectivity options, including dual Ethernet ports, RS232, RS485 2W/4W, and MPI. In terms of software, cMT2058XH offers a variety of features in alignment with the standard cMT X series; notably, it supports smart monitoring solutions such as VNC monitoring, WebView web monitoring, cMT Viewer app monitoring, and Weincloud remote monitoring that will boost your work efficiency.


Intuitive Interface, Enhanced Experience

The cMT2058XH features a brand new system setting interface straight out of the box. Meticulously designed with simplicity and intuitive user experience in mind, the revamped interface places commonly used functions at the top of the menu and features consistent layout, icon style, and usage of fonts and colors. Furthermore, this update improves on system feedbacks, providing feedbacks such as error prompts and loading indicators that will enhance the human-system interaction.

  • Themes
Light and dark themes for choice based on its intended surroundings.
  • Functional Priority
Simplified and reorganized menu based on usage, making it easier to navigate to the correct page.
  • Design Consistency
Intuitive and user-friendly design that adhere to the principles of affordance and consistency.
  • Improved Feedback
Improved system feedbacks with much enhanced responsiveness and effectiveness.


Seamless Upgrade, Surpassing Predecessors

The cMT2058XH shares identical cutout dimensions with existing 4.3” models, meaning that hardware modifications will not be needed. In terms of software, EasyBuilder Pro provides specialty tools to facilitate seamless transition. In summary, as a compact HMI, the cMT2058XH combines hardware breakthroughs with advanced software, catering not only to traditional manufacturing but also meeting the demands of smart manufacturing transformation. For those seeking a small-sized HMI, the cMT2058XH is the one to have.


cMT2058XH Spec Highlights

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