The user shall read the following terms carefully before using the software of WEINTEK LABS., INC. (hereafter Weintek). The actions of downloading, installation, and any others in similar stand for oncurrence and acceptance of this agreement.
1. Every right upon the software such as intellectual property and ownership is reserved and belongs to Weintek, and protected by the Copyright Acts and Treaties of Republic of China (Taiwan) and worldwide. The user with every wrongful damage behavior is liable and shall compensate the injury caused thereby.
2. The user (hereafter Licensee) is authorized to use the software exclusively. Without the prior written consent from Weintek, no assignment of said authorization is allowed.
3. The outputs of the software must be exclusively applicable to Weintek’s products or designated ones.
4. Without the prior written consent from Weintek or not applicable to the sublicense in the Article 2, Licensee is not allowed to copy or reproduce the software by any means or to sell, reauthorize, and by any other wrongful method for transferring the software and its unauthorized copy version to any third party.
5. Licensee is not allowed to operate any reverse engineering or any other wrongful behavior, such as to modify, translate, change, and compile etc., toward the software and its documentation.
6. Weintek and its personnel and subsidiaries are not liable for any damage or consequence caused by using the software.
7. Any disputes and controversies arising under this agreement shall be governed by the laws of Republic of China (Taiwan). Any litigation arising from this agreement shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of Taipei District Court in the first instance.